Copiers are required in every office, working with a lot of documentation. New models of copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and other devices allow to obtain high-quality printing. You can buy copier - and the needs of your office copying, printing and document handling will ensure the smooth operation of the device.

   Due to the precise optical system provides copier print quality - smooth, readable text and pictures with well developed halftones. Quality of even simple office copier high enough.

Copier can automatically process documents, improving their quality, removing image defects, etc. The use of modern copiers can minimize user involvement in the processing of documents.

  • Rapid start, requires virtually no warm-up time.
  • In standby mode, the copier can work all day, consuming very little energy.
  • Easy management of modern copiers allow any employee to quickly master it.
  • High-speed printing ensure the needs of almost any office.
  • Network capability allows sharing of copiers, managing print or scan documents.
  • Long service life, no need very little maintenance.

   Prices for copiers vary widely depending on the functionality, but the cost of prints made on such a device is very small, so that technology quickly pays for itself. Modern copiers offer the user a set of functions that facilitate his work: various multi shot mode, the ability to output a proof copy, electronic sorting, scanning, sending e-mail and fax, etc.        The most important thing - to choose among the many proposed copiers model suitable for you, price and functionality and the most appropriate to the needs of your office.

   The advantage of our company is working directly with the European market, low used equipment, so we set a reasonable price for copiers, not including extra margins of suppliers. We do not only sell, but also maintenance of copiers. After the sale we will deliver, install and configure the equipment, install the necessary software, and will continue to produce reconfiguration, warranty and post-warranty repairs copiers and other devices, the supply of consumables and replacement cartridges.

   Service copiers manufactured using the manufacturer's recommended parts, which are always in stock. Through this copiers repaired quickly and with a guarantee of work performed. The company is responsible for the technique during its lifetime, without limiting cooperation with the client after purchase.