To date, computer maintenance is vital to all organizations, where a computer is one of the main tools, contains important and useful information. However, every organization may not contain the staff of IT- specialists, so the most effective solution for owners of small and medium business is a subscription service of computers, which includes, as the initial setup of the equipment, creation of a single corporate network, and other maintenance and repair services.

What advantages does a subscription service?

• Personal Computer Service frees you from the need to maintain the state of IT- specialists whose wages are much higher than the cost of a subscription service.

• The cost of a subscription service computers is significantly lower than the total cost of single works to restore efficiency of your equipment during the year.

• Personal Computer Service is regular preventive maintenance of computer equipment that is not always done in the presence of full-time IT- specialist, who sometimes have no free time. But prevention is much more lucrative option of computer maintenance rather than repair.

• Personal service guarantees you prompt repair and quick replacement of spare parts.

• Subscription service provides a team of professionals. High qualification and broad specialization allows to cope with any problems or concerns.

• You will be served by more than one expert, and the whole company. In the case of massive equipment failures one person simply can not cope physically. Subscription service will provide you with the simultaneous presence of so many experts as necessary to promptly solve the problem.

• If the subscription service you will receive expert advice of the whole staff of specialists in a wide range of issues in the field of information technology.

• The use of modern information technology in your organization will grow significantly. We will inform and offer may not obvious to you, the computer solutions for businesses.

• If your subscription service staff will work effectively with computers due to new knowledge about the methods of operation and optimum hardware and software configuration.

Now try to imagine how much more "return" of your business as a whole, taking into account all the benefits of a subscription service and how important role play in your work computers?

What are main benefits?

Experienced professionals - we have a great experience in the production and service of computer equipment.

Available accessories - we offer big range of computer accessories and peripherals.

Efficiency - our staff of professionals allows us to solve customer problems as soon as possible. We comply with all terms and response time to emergency calls.

Security, openness and accountability - all of our work are documented in the contract. You know what you pay for. We always fulfill their obligations in full and even more.

We are constantly improving the quality of services - technical level of our staff is constantly growing. We monitor and improve the quality of services rendered.

We recommend the best solutions - timely recommend customers various solutions of certain problems, whether buying new equipment or programs.

Reasonable prices, individual approach, favorable conditions for cooperation on a permanent basis.

WHAT is computer technology subscription service?

Subscription service - qualified this regular maintenance of your computer equipment, where our experts perform a full range of support performance of your equipment and prevent potential problems, and provide you prompt assistance in the event of such.

Subscription service for computers - a guarantee of trouble-free operation of your office. Service Agreement of computer technology, you can easily get rid of minor and major troubles. Monthly scheduled departures our experts will help you solve the current problems, prevent breakage and loss of valuable information, and in case of emergency problems, you can be assured of operational skilled care.

We guarantee

Taking care of all the maintenance work of your computer equipment, we confidently guarantee you:

• High-quality efficient service to address issues of the computer sphere;

• To minimize the likelihood of problems and failures;

• to increase the level of satisfaction, productivity of your users when working with computers;

• in general, improve the economic efficiency of the company by improving the quality of computer equipment.

To receive additional information about user and single servicing of computer equipment, please contact our specialists.

In addition to customer service we provide and the occasional maintenance services of computers and servers.