Deciding to restore data, you are making the right choice. Our service center performs data recovery service and repair hard drives since 2009. Professional equipment, a large base of drives and years of experience allow our engineers to recover the information in the most difficult cases.




Why do we?


• Free diagnosis ( in the case of an order for data recovery)

• Availability of equipment, tools, software

• Years of experience

• The donor base controllers

• Reasonable prices

• Pay only if successful

Our data recovery services :

• Recovery of files after formatting, deleting, reinstalling the system .

• Restoring files after a virus attack.

• Restoring information from the hard drive (HDD) with faulty controller.

• Data recovery from HDD with physical injuries , malfunctioning of the magnetic heads (BMG).

• Data recovery from HDD Locked engine.

• Restoring information from the hard drives in the destruction of the magnetic layer (BAD blocks).

• Restoring information from the RAID (RAID0, RAID1, RAID10, RAID5 , and others) .

• Data recovery from USB-drives , SD / MS / xD cards and Flash- media ( flash ) of all types .

• Data recovery from 3,5 ", 2.5", 1,8 ", SSD, portable hard drives .

Data recovery process consists of three stages:


Free diagnosis.

Our engineers have verified the ability to restore files from your media and diagnosed all possible faults and damage.

As a result, diagnosis is determined by:

• Ability to recover data.

• The cost of data recovery.

• Sample turnaround time.

You can order the service - Emergency Diagnosis (process takes from 15 minutes to 4 hours)!


Data recovery.

Actually, the process of copying and restoration of files and other information on non-defective media. This stage lasts from 2-10 working days on average, in the "severe" cases, time can be increased.


Checking and transmitting data.

After data recovery, you can view and verify the information.

Payment of our data recovery services only after execution of works and data check.


How to avoid data loss?

The only reliable way - to organize archival copies of data.