You get used to your mobile phone, you enjoy it`s functionality and appearance. Your data and contact information is valued for You. An unfortunate situation or prolonged use wrecking your reliable assistant.

We will restore the functioning of it`s components: repair or replace the display, restore music functions, repair transceiver, eliminating the problems with the keyboard, battery housing or the phone. Hhere you can also order a cheap mobile phone preventative maintenance in order to prevent serious damage and save money on its repair.

      Repair services in the service center - its work of skilled professionals and use of quality parts at low prices. Do you have a question why? The answer is simple - we do supply parts that install, avoiding cheating!

Replacement and installation of any display, flex cables, speakers, buzzers for a short time!

    We repair mobile phones of all brands. Maintaining stock for a large assortment of accessories. We quickly and efficiently carry out repair of any complexity. To diagnose and repair our qualified staff are using the most modern equipment.

Cheaply, quickly and efficiently fix it mobile phones!


We carry out the following activities:

• Diagnostics

• Display Replacement

• Replacement of the flex cables

• Replacement of the speaker, buzzer, microphone

• Replacement / repair keyboard or joystick

• Replacement of the transmitter ( can`t find network )

• Update / software installation / firmware replacement

• Replacement / repair of batteries

• Replacement of broken glass display / touchscreen

• Recovery from moisture ( water ingress )

• Restoration after the fall

• Data rcovery from a damaged phone


Do not alter IMEI