Laptop - it's your computer, which has repeatedly helped You in solving all your mobile and stationary applications. The failure of the much-needed work or everyday life means entails considerable complexity. We all know that in this age of global computerization so many questions solved solely by computer, and even relatively short simple technique may entail considerable loss of time and money.

In our center is working on laptop repair:

• Installing and configuring software, installing device drivers, treatment of virus;

• Laptop power supply repair;

• Replacement of laptop batteries;

• CD-RW/DVD-CD repair and replacement;

• LCD / LED screen repair and replacement;

• Data Recovery from your hard disk, HDD repair;

• Laptop Motherboard repair;

• BIOS update / Firmware update

• Laptop keyboard repair;

• Removing password;

• Laptop upgrade.

Our service center is to solve such problems, we are always ready to help you with the repair, not only PCs, but also laptops. Our skilled professionals solve a large range of problems encountered in the way of any user of computer technology.

So dwell on the major problems that users may encounter with the laptop.

Software setup laptop.

    The most common laptop failing - it's a different kind of software crash, drivers which do work with the laptop uncomfortable, and often simply impossible. Faced with this problem, each user understands that the time spent on trying to solve it so large, that it is much easier and quicker to resort to the help of experts, that is to contact us. ( We all know that everyone has to do their work, and only in this case the return will be maximized )

In our service center, you can configure the software for your laptop, update the drivers, install new software packages to connect your laptop to the Internet, connect external devices, back up your data, get rid of the virus. It offers professionals with extensive experience with different software.

Repair laptop power supply.

    External power supply ( power supply for laptop ) is often subjected to external influences such as : fall, kinks wires, overheating, shocks, etc. , which is why failure is not uncommon.

Independently determine whether your faulty power supply, you can read:

1. Shut down the notebook

2 . Disconnect the adapter plug from the laptop

3 . Remove the battery from the notebook

4 . Connect back adapter to the notebook

5 . Try to turn the laptop

If the laptop is turned on, boots and runs stable, then your power supply is NOT defective. If the laptop does not turn on, then it is likely that the power supply is defective.

Our service center can help you solve the problem or find a suitable power supply for laptop to replace it.

Attention! Operation laptop with faulty external power supply can cause serious damage to the internal electronics and expensive repairs.


Replacement Laptop Battery

    In the laptop there is a part of the battery, which is considered a consumable product that is eventually fails.

If the time of the laptop battery gradually reduced to 10-20 minutes, you can spend a few complete cycles of charge-discharge of the battery. If after this, the battery life is not increased, it is the natural process of developing a resource of this battery and recommend its replacement. If there was a sharp failure battery, most likely out of order battery circuit, which is usually located in the battery itself, or on a laptop or notebook AC adapter is defective.

We manufacture replacement batteries for laptops.

Replacement and repair laptops CD-RW/DVD-CD/HDD

    In most cases, drives CDR / CDRW / DVD / HDD drives and FDD can be repaired. Exceptions are cases when their mechanics too worn. We can offer you a replacement. In our service center, you can always get advice on repair or replacement of your drive.

Notebook as a mobile device, is often subjected to various kinds of environmental effects: shaking, falling, humidity - and it's not the whole list. Besides all of the above there is also the usual wear of mechanical parts of the laptop. Because nothing mechanical is forever.

Repair and Replacement LCD / LED - laptop screen.

    Screen - the most fragile element in the laptop. If the matrix due to mechanical damage fails, then it must be replaced. But not only mechanical damage can leave your laptop without the "monitor" , problems with backlight or voltage converter also deliver joy to the user. We are ready to repair these items and recover your laptop.

Major faults:

• Failure of the backlight. When this faulty, the screen becomes very subtle or disappears all together.

• Failure of the board power conversion backlight ( inverter ) . External signs are similar to the previous one.

• Faulty matrix decoder, flex cable damage. When this defect on the monitor disappear vertical or horizontal stripes image.

• Cracks in the matrix are the result of falling laptop or strokes. In this case, the matrix must be changed to new one.

• Broken Pixels - bright dots on the screen. Manufacturers of LCD- matrix stipulate the number of 5-10. If more of them, you are eligible for a warranty replacement of the matrix.

Repair of laptop hard drive data recovery.

    Basic characteristics hard drives for laptops (HDD) are significantly different from standard hard drives for desktops. The same can be said about faults that rising in the course of their work. Causes and consequences of failures 2.5 " and 3.5" hard drives are quite different, because by a management they are in different conditions. Similarly, work on the repair and restoration of 2.5 "HDD heavier and time-consuming.

Serious problem - a hard disk failure, because it stores important information for you, the loss of which is worse than the loss of the hard disk itself. Our service center provides you with the ability to recover data from your hard drive, when its possible. Even if your hard drive is not detected by the system, it does not mean that your data is lost. Our experts will help you migrate your data from idle hard disk on any other data storage, such as a new hard drive or CD-ROM, etc. Besides data recovery we can offer hard disk repair. Unfortunately, we can not say that any faulty hard drive beyond repair, but you can always make a diagnosis from us, our experts will identify for you the ability to restore your hard drive performance.

Laptop Motherboard Repairs

    As with any computer faults, the failure of the motherboard is possible. There are a number of reasons why this might happen. Repair " motherboard ", as a rule, is rather complicated. You will need good care and specialized equipment. In terms of our service center are all available. If repair is impossible, there is always the possibility of replacing the motherboard with a new one. Please contact us and we will solve this problem for you.

Most motherboards faults associated with impaired conditions (connecting devices to working laptop, etc.), power surges, hitting foreign objects into the notebook (cranky and fell cog) or liquids (tea, juice, milk).

Laptop Keyboard Repair

    Most modern laptops use a membrane keypad. The main cause of malfunction in the keyboard - the hit inside the various liquids (water, alcohol, tea, juice, milk), resulting in a short circuit or corrosion of conductive tracks deposited on the film. Virtually any drenched keyboard can be repaired by restoring damaged tracks conductive adhesive.

Removing password from a laptop

    Unlike personal computers, laptops have more serious protection from unauthorized access by setting a password, which in most cases can not be removed simply resetting CMOS. Additionally, you can set a password on the hard disk of a laptop, the removal of which - even more difficult task.

Laptop Upgrade

• Increase the amount of RAM memory (up to a maximum amount claimed by the manufacturer).

• Increase the size of the hard drive (unless limited by BIOS).

• Replacing the drive (CD or DVD on DVD / CDRW).

• Replacement of CPU processors (some models).

• Replace the batteries more capacious

    This is not all services that can provide our service center. For any questions concerning the repair and maintenance of laptops, other computer equipment, please contact our experts, and we will not leave your problem without attention and solutions.